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Civil Engineering Branch in our college started in the year 2011. It has grown to a full-fledged department with intake capacity of 120 students per annum. Our mission is to mould quality engineers to meet the technological challenges of the world. Every developing country must give more importance to infrastructure development. So, there is an increasing demand for Civil Engineers in the coming years.

Our laboratory facilities are excellent with all modern equipment. The strength of our department is the teamwork of highly qualified faculty specialized in all major areas of Civil Engineering. Department is blessed with dynamic students who have performed well in the past. Invited lectures by experts add an extra edge to the competitive advantage of our students. Industrial internship provides them a feel of the profession, before they leave the institution.


Educational Summary: 

  • Master of Technology in Marine Structures from Karnataka Regional Engineering College. (Year 1991). (Presently NIT Surathkal)   
  • Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering, T K M College of Engineering, Quilon, University of Kerala (Year 1984)
  • Bachelor of Science (Chemistry Main), Assumption College, Changanacherry University of Kerala. (Year 1979)


  • Worked at N. S. S. College of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Palghat from Noveber1984 to March 2015 (30 years).  Retired as Professor on 31-03-2015
  • Working as Professor and Head of the Department, Department of Civil Engineering, Jawaharlal College of Engineering and Technology, Ottappalam from 06-04-2015 till date. Actively involved in Academic and co-curricular activities of students and staff. Conduct Seminars and Workshops frequently, carry out consultancy works making use of all facilities of laboratories.

Areas of Specializations: 

  • Hydraulics Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Ocean Structures


  • Fellow (F-119342-9) of The Institution of Engineers (India)
  • Life member (LM 5965). Indian Society for Technical Education.
  • Delivered lectures on specific topics and attended short term courses, Workshops and Seminars.

Papers Published:

            International Journal:

  1. Vijayakumari,P.L, Murali, K and Sunder, V (2006). “Wave forces on tandem submarine pipelines in the  proximity of a sloping boundary” Journal of Ocean Technology, Vol. 1, No.1, 2006, pp 67-89.
  2. Vijayakumari,P.L, Murali, K and Sunder, V (2006). “Numerical modeling of wave forces on tandem twin pipelines near a sloping bed (Communicated to ASCE Journal)

             International Conferences:

        1.Vijayakumari,P.L. and Sunder, V. (2003)” Forces due to Waves on Tandem Twin Pipelines Near a Sloping Boundary”,Sixth International                Conference on Coastal and Port Engineering in developing Countries, Colombo, Srilanka, September 15-19, 2003. Paper No.155.

  1. Vijayakumari, P.L. and Sunder, V. (2003)” “Influence of Proximity of the se abed on the wave forces on submarine Parallel Pipelines”. Second International Conference on Asian and Pacific Coasts APAC 2003. Paper No.APAC095.
  2. Vijayakumari, P.L, Murali, K and Sunder, V (2004). “Wave Induced Pressures and Forces on Parallel submarine Pipelines at low KC numbers”’. Proceedings of 14th International Symposium on Environmental Hydraulics and 14th Congress of Asia and Pacific Division, International Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Research .Hong Kong, China, December 15-18,2004. Vol.1, pp 1003-1008
  3. Vijayakumari, P.L, Murali, K and Sunder, V (2004). “Hydrodynamic interference of Parallel Submerged Pipelines in Random Wavefield near a Sloping Boundary”. 3rd International Conference on Wastewater Discharge and Marine Environment. Catania, Italy September 27-October 2, 2004. Paper No P-T37.
  4. Vijayakumari, P.L, Murali, K and Sunder, V (2006). Numerical Modeling of Wave Forces on Tandem Twin Pipelines near a Sloping Bed”. 15th Congress of Asia and Pacific division of the International Association of Hydraulic Research and International s Symposium on “Maritime Hydraulics” IIT Madras Chennai, India. August 7-10, 2006. Vol 11, pp865-87.

           National Conference

           John E J, John Erattupuzha, Vijayakumari P L, (1994).  “Influence of a Mudbank on Beach and Wave                        characteristics” 3rd National Conference on Dock and Harbour, Goa, India.

            Short Term Courses Attended (Total No: 23 for 160 days)     

  1. Instructional design and delivery systems on  Dec 11-13 1985 organized by TKMCE Quilon ISTE (3  days).
  2. Cost Reduction in Rural Housing on 12-23 May 1986 organized by CET TVM    ISTE   (12 days).
  3. Engineering Considerations in Drawing on May 30-June 10  1988  organized by IIT Bombay QIP  (12 days).
  4. Analysis and Design of Foundations for Static and dynamic Loads on Nov 17-30 1991 organized by IIT MADRAS QIP MHRD. (14 days).                                                                                                                          
  1. Strategic Planning and Institutional Development  on Dec 01-03 1995 organized by   NSSCE   ISTE   (3days)
  2. Basic Management Skills and Effective Communication Techniques on Sep 05-07 organized by NSSCE (3 days).
  1. Energy Management and Conservation on May 04-17 organized by TKMCE ISTE  (14 days).
  2. Basic Management Skill development on Sep 5-7 organized by NSSCE ISTE   (3days).
  3. Boundary and Finite Element Methods in Engineering Design on March 09-20 1998 organized by PSG College of Technology AICTE-ISTE. (12 days).
  1. Environmental Issues in Technical education on Sep22-26 1998 organized by NSSCE   ISTE. (5 days)
  2. Vibration engineering Recent Trends in Analysis Design and Testing (19 Oct to 1 Nov) 1998 ISTE-AICTE (13 days).
  1. Industrial Pollution Control on March 16-28 1999 organized by NSSCE   ISTE. (13 days).
  2. Concepts and Implementation of Computer Procedures in Continuum Mechanics on Nov 8-20 1999 organized by  NSSCE AICTE. (13 days).
  1. Integrity Monitoring of Structures on Dec13 to 17  1999 organized by IIT Madras QIP. (5 days).
  2. Ocean dynamics for offshore and Coastal Engineering on June 5- 9 2000 organized by IIT Madras QIP (5 days).
  3. Coastal structures on Nov 18- 22 2002 organized by IIT Madras    QIP. (5 days).
  4. Coastal Stabilization International course held in Colombo on Sep13-14 2003. (2days).
  5. Symposium on Foundation Engineering in Soft Marine Clays on Dec 01 2003 at IIT MADRAS. (1 day)
  6. Communication and Teaching Skills on Jan10- 15 2011 at   NSSCE   ISTE  (6 days)
  7. Sustainability through Green Technologies on 26 Sep-01Oct 2011 at NSSCE  ISTE  (5 days).
  8. All India Seminar on Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education Institutions Dec 17-18 2014. at NSSCE ISTE&IEI . (2 days).
  1. Renewable Energy : A solution to energy crisis on  March 22-28 2015 at NSSCE   ISTE. (7 days).
  2. Workshop on Modelling and Analysis of Foundations for High Rise Buildings on Jan 16-17 2017 GEC Bartonhill sponsored by TEQIP-II  (2 days).